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Food, drink & extras

Want to add some culinary extras to your day? That is possible! A lunch, a picknick basket or a three course dinner, we love to cook for you!

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Unlimited three course BBQ in a great atmosphere. Choose a nice spot in our BBQ-square or nice and cosy in our indoor location!

Enjoy a soup of the day, eight kinds of meat, a salad buffet with toppings and dressings, potato salad, pasta/vegetable salad, homemade sauces, french bread, french fries.. and if it still fits: a dessert! 

Tip: book online and add the BBQ to your program!

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Elevate your BBQ level with this upgrade! Our Food Cabins offer you the tastiest dishes: trendy, unique and delicious! 

The Food Cabins add so much more atmosphere to our BBQ-square. And we guarantee: our chefs prepare streetfood snacks that will amaze you! This upgrade is possible for more than 100 people, or from €750. 

At The Party, the Food Trucks are always a part of the buffet!

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THE ALL-IN PARTY (+€52,50)

After your afternoon program, you háve to stay for The Party! A fantastic night filled with food, drinks and activities! We will give you a €12,50 package discount! 

Enjoy a three course dinner with meat, fries, salads and dessert! Try your luck at the Casino or dance the night away! The DJ will lure you to the dance floor with his beats!

Tip: book online and choose package 3!



Complete your afternoon or evening with the best bites & snacks! A mouthwatering option to add to your program! 

The bites & snacks option entails coffee and cake, a candybar during the activities, and lovely warm snacks to end the day! Delicious, right?

This package can be added for €10, that is €2,50 discount!

BBQ DONUT + €47,50

A very unique dining experience! The long pier brings you from the beach club to this round vessel. The BBQ is already hot, and the drinks are cold.. Enjoy!

Delicious! Unlimited BBQ with meats, salads, bread, sauces, ice cream and five drinks p.p., and after dinner you can chill in our beach club! 

Tip: book the BBQ-donut as an addition to your program and receive a €7,50 discount! 

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Turn your dinner into an experience with this four course cooking workshop, or Spanish Tapas night! In five hours, you learn the ins and outs of cooking, and enjoy your self-made creations! 

This workshop comes with a personal chef, unlimited beer, wine and soda, a four course dinner or tapas, seasonal recipes ánd... a sunny roof terrace! 

Tip: book the cooking workshop or Tapas night as an addition to your program, and receive €12,50 discount! 

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LUNCH +€17,50

With such an activity-filled day, a lunch is exactly what you need! 

Enjoy the baked rolls, fresh fruit, juices and coffee/tea.. after this meal you are ready to go! 

Tip: book online and add the lunch to your program!