IMPORTANT: Flexible cancellation conditions & other measures due to the Corona virus. More information here.
IMPORTANT: Flexible cancellation conditions & other measures due to the Corona virus. More information here.

The best business events

A business or company events must be original, suitable for all weather conditions, and suitable for the entire company! A difficult task, but with us, it is no problem! Active, relaxing, culinary: there is something for everyone, indoor and outdoor! This will be the best business event ever! Tip: check The Experience!

We will assemble your personal offer in four steps. Choose a package, select the options and your personal offer will be in you mailbox within minutes!
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La Cubanita_0131_La Cubanita-170
All-in Foodfestival
The trend of the moment! Love the atmosphere, so relaxed and chill! 
Schermafbeelding 2020-05-13 om 16.27.18.png
Online Music Bingo
Online bingo with music instead of numbers! Listen carefully, line up and BINGO!
Vanaf €12,50More information
Escape Room Experience
Does your team know how to solve all riddles, games and answer all questions? 
Chainreaction_0007_Laag 7
Working together, strengthening talents, working circularly and having lots of fun! 
Vanaf €75,-More information
Live Music Bingo & All-In Foodfestival
Good music and delicious food and drinks! 
Vanaf €47,50More information
zomer klein4
The Experience
Don't choose: do it all! , TukTuk, Wipeout or Survival.
Beach Lounge Party
Dancing, chilling, delicious food.. but mainly: relaxing in our trendy beachclub! 
€ 65,- More information
BBQ_0000_Beach Lounge Party Overzicht2_bewerkt
All-inclusive BBQ
A delicious 'all you can eat' barbecue buffet in the perfect atmosphere.
Rooftop BBQ Party
Dance, chill & enjoy our rooftop terrace and our lovely cooking studio! 
€ 65,- More information
The Winter Experience
You have troubles choosing one activitiy for your whole group? No worries, just leave the decision to all your co-workers! TukTuk, Winter Wipeout, The Battle or The Mind?
Walking Dinner
Enjoy the company and a complete dinner consisting of versatile dishes.
receptie 3
New Years Reception
Exciting new years reception with Freefall jump and food! 
Price on requestMore information
Custom Party
If you are looking for a very exclusive night out, book our Custom Party and create you own party! 
Price on requestMore information

Organise the best business event?

Find some inspiration and see our custom made business events. Over 100 activities await you in our beautiful location in the centre of the Netherlands. Our location is equipped with indoor and outdoor activities, which makes it the perfect place, all year around! 

Ideas for a business event?

This will be a great day full of action and fun for the entire group! Compete in teams, and make it a fierce competition! Teambuilding is the key word during your event. Our facility offers possibilities for small groups, but also for very large groups up to 2.500 people! 

Original business events

Our enthusiastic instructors will make sure you receive the proper guidance. They will also make sure your guests are comfortable! There are many options and extras that will make your day complete, and unique. Let our experts advise and surprise you!

Active business events

Over 100 fun in & outdoor activities await you. We even are exclusive licensees of WipeOut in the Netherlands!