Ideas for a Business party

Are you looking for the best location for your business party? Don't look any further! We offer you many possibilities: Food Truck Festival, Beach Lounge Party, Tapas Night, Winter Wonder Party… your event will be awesome! Oh.. by the way: all evening programs include unlimited food & drinks! 

We will assemble your personal offer in four steps. Choose a package, select the options and your personal offer will be in you mailbox within minutes!
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€ 32,50Discount
Package discount
The WoooooW Program
Afternoon + Evening All-in836 x booked
Score: 10
Do you want to have the most amazing day? Book the...
€ 120,- € 132,94 Incl. VAT
Escape Room XL meisje
Escape Room XL
Afternoon784 x booked
Score: 9.5
... okay, you found us. Now what? You think you can...
€ 47,50 € 51,78 Incl. VAT
Food Truck Festival
Afternoon597 x booked
Score: 10
The trend of the moment! Love the atmosphere, so relaxed...
€ 65,- € 73,27 Incl. VAT
Beach Lounge Party
Afternoon566 x booked
Score: 9.5
Dancing, chilling, delicious food.. but mainly: relaxing...
€ 65,- € 73,27 Incl. VAT
zomer klein4
The Experience
Afternoon536 x booked
Score: 10
Don't choose: do it all! Cooking, TukTuk, Wipeout,...
€ 47,50 € 51,78 Incl. VAT
Rooftop BBQ Party
Afternoon507 x booked
Score: 9
Dance, chill & enjoy our rooftop terrace and our...
€ 65,- € 73,27 Incl. VAT
Beeahcclub 3
Winter Beach Party
Afternoon497 x booked
Score: 8
Dancing, chilling, delicious food.. but mainly: relaxing...
€ 65,- € 73,27 Incl. VAT
The Tube All-in
Afternoon450 x booked
Score: 10
Escape Room, BBQ, All-in Drinks, DJ ánd Party, all...
€ 80,- € 91,73 Incl. VAT
bbq 5
All-inclusive BBQ
Afternoon382 x booked
Score: 8
A delicious 'all you can eat' barbecue buffet in the...
€ 37,50 € 41,88 Incl. VAT
Drive-in Cinema
Afternoon379 x booked
Score: 10
Feet on the dashboard, warm nunder a blanket, oldschool...
€ 65,- € 73,27 Incl. VAT
Food Truck Winter Festival
Afternoon347 x booked
Score: 10
Nice and cosy, delicious food, great winter atmosphere!...
€ 65,- € 73,27 Incl. VAT
Winter Wonderland Party
Afternoon320 x booked
Score: 9
A stylish, white, all-in evening! 
€ 65,- € 73,27 Incl. VAT
The Winter Experience
Afternoon241 x booked
Score: 8
Don't choose: do it all! Cooking, TukTuk, Winter Wipeout...
€ 47,50 € 51,78 Incl. VAT
Beach Event
Afternoon156 x booked
Score: 9
Sun, sea, & fun on the beach! Relax and enjoy the...
€ 47,50 € 51,78 Incl. VAT
receptie 3
New Years Reception
Afternoon98 x booked
Score: 9
Exciting new years reception with Freefall jump and an...
€ 47,50 € 51,78 Incl. VAT
tuktuk en party
€ 12,50Discount
Package discount
TukTuk Rally & The Party (All-in)
Afternoon + Evening All-in70 x booked
Score: 6
Drive a TukTuk, ánd enjoy The Party!
€ 100,- € 117,12 Incl. VAT

Organise a unique business party?

Let our best business parties inspire you! In summer or winter, indoor or outwoor, a booming party with a live act or a more relaxed setting in our Beach club! Choose from over 100 activities in the center of the country. Holland Evenementen Groep: the number 1 for all your business parties!

Business party ideas

A complete day filled with fun and entertainment for your group; we love to come up with ideas. Our facilities offer possibilities for small groups, but also for large groups of up to 2000 people! All in one location, and with the best parties at the best price! 

Let us WoooooW you!

Our enthusiastic instructors will make sure you receive the proper guidance. They will also make sure your guests are comfortable! There are many options and extras that will make your day complete, and unique. Let our experts advise and surprise you!