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Especially in these difficult times, it is important to do nice things with your friends or family, or organise teambuilding for your colleagues. That is why we have listed our best coronaproof events for you. From online meetings, teambuilding and fun, to the most suitable trips at our location. 

The most popular combination at the moment: our own online teambuilding game 'Moviebusters', followed by the online music bingo! Digitally connected, with collaboration and fun all in one: perfect as a company outing or team outing! Necessary, but 100% responsible. Especially now that we are less together.

Would you rather go out the door? Even then we offer something for everyone: get advice from one of our experts. Our location is in any case suitable because of the spacious layout, both inside and outside. The safest option? Our drive-in cinema! A unique experience, with all the ingredients you can expect from a delightfull movie night. 

 Coronaproof activitities  Online events  spacious layout: inside and outsite always 1,5m  Additionalshygiene measures  Moving the event is free of charge

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Expedition Robinson
Official license, exclusively in the Netherlands. With the real trials known from TV!
Zipline vrouw
Mission Impossible
Nothing is impossible for your team? Come and prove it! 
La Cubanita_0131_La Cubanita-170
All-in Foodfestival
The trend of the moment! Love the atmosphere, so relaxed and chill! 
Vanaf €34,50More information
The one and only Wipeout in the Netherlands with spectacular obstacles!
Vanaf €49,50More information
Sheep herding
Cooperation and lots of fun! Strengthen the team spirit in an original way.
Vanaf €55,-More information
e-tuk 6
TukTuk Bingo Rally
Tour through the neighborhood with a TukTuk Convertible! This is awesome!
zomer klein4
The Experience
Don't choose: do it all! , TukTuk, Wipeout or Survival.
E-Chopper Bingo rally
Make a tour with our E-Choppers through the beautiful Betuwe. 
Escape Room Experience
Does your team know how to solve all riddles, games and answer all questions? 
VR Escape Game | La Casa de Papel
Escape with this crazy VR game! Based on the hit series: La Casa de Papel.
Vanaf €25,-More information
A meeting including writing utensils and coffee/tea/water at one of our unique locations! 


IMPORTANT: flexible cancellation conditions regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19) & other measures.
The spread of the Corona virus leads to various measures and restrictions nationally and internationally.
These measures also affect the Holland Evenementen Groep.
We would be pleased to inform you about the measures we take to minimise the risks in these difficult times.

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You would still like to do fun things during this time?
We have selected (online) events that comply with RIVM guidelines and some are even possible from home or office! Interactive games, quizzes and meetings ... Fun as a teambuilding, company outing or team outing to be digitally connected and to keep the atmosphere good.

Coronaproof activities 1.5 metres away Spacious indoor & outdoor location Extra hygienic measures ✓ Free relocation