familiedag 2017

The best family days

We offer a great event for the old, and the young. This means you can celebrate your family day with us! Cooking together, or touring in a TukTuk? Or test your knowledge in a quiz? For the best family day, you select one of our amazing programs! 

We will assemble your personal offer in four steps. Choose a package, select the options and your personal offer will be in you mailbox within minutes!
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Virtual Reality Dining
Spectacular Virtual Reality crime dinner!
€ 65,- More information
€ 32,50Discount
Package discount
The WoooooW Program
Do you want to have the most amazing day? Book the WoooooW program!
e-tuk 6
TukTuk Rally
Tour through the neighborhood with a TukTuk Convertible! This is awesome!
Mission Siberia
Make a freefall, slide over icy water and climb to large heights!
zomer klein4
The Experience
Don't choose: do it all! Cooking, TukTuk, Wipeout, Escape Room or Survival.
Rooftop BBQ Party
Dance, chill & enjoy our rooftop terrace and our lovely cooking studio! 
€ 65,- More information
Battle against the other teams, collect letters by winning activities and make the best words!
Escape Room XL meisje
Escape Room XL
... okay, you found us. Now what? You think you can escape? Well come on!
bbq 5
All-inclusive BBQ
A delicious 'all you can eat' barbecue buffet in the perfect atmosphere.
Drive-in Cinema
Feet on the dashboard, warm nunder a blanket, oldschool enjoying a drive-in cinema!  
€ 65,- More information
Settlers of Catan
Choose from 100 activities, collect materials and colonise Holland! 
Hoofdfoto levend kerspakket
Christmas Box
Christmas, games, shopping and fun! Earn your Christmas Box! 
The Winter Experience
Don't choose: do it all! Cooking, TukTuk, Winter Wipeout or Escape Rooml.
Superheroes + TAIG logo
The Almost Impossible Gameshow Afternoon
The Almost Impossible Game Show! An afternoon full of fun!
TukTuk Winterrally
Driving a TukTuk in the winter through a beautiful snowy landscape!
A special purpose, a vision, a perfect party! We love to make you a customized program! (+50p)!
Price on request
wo en party
€ 12,50Discount
Package discount
Wipeout & The Party (All-in)
Our number 1 combination! The best of all of our programs!
tuktuk en party
€ 12,50Discount
Package discount
TukTuk Rally & The Party (All-in)
Drive a TukTuk, ánd enjoy The Party!
catan en loungeparty
€ 12,50Discount
Package discount
Settlers of Catan & Beach Lounge Party (All-in)
A relaxing day together!
mission en winterparty
€ 12,50Discount
Package discount
Mission Siberia & Winterparty (All-in)
The perfect combination for the winter!
wordfight en rooftop
€ 12,50Discount
Package discount
Choose an afternoon and an evening program, and make your own best combination!

Organising a unique family day?

There are so many possibilities to assemble a family day that will be unforgettable! Holland Evenementen Groep offers over 100 indoor and outdoor activities for small and large groups, in the center of the country. This makes us the number one! The best events at the best price!

Familiy day ideas

You entire day will be filled with fun and action. For old and young, there are activities for everyone! Select one of our arrangements, battle against the other teams or tour the area in a TukTuk! 

Your family day can start!

Our enthusiastic instructors will guide you over our terrain to find the best activities. Together, you decide which activities you want to do! And there are over 100 waiting for you! This ensures that everybody has a great day!