groepsuitje 2017

The most surprising group events

Group events have one purpose: have a great day together! Our programs are especially designed to realise this goal. Escape Room XL, Who is it, or Expedition Robinson? Choose the program that fits your group!

We will assemble your personal offer in four steps. Choose a package, select the options and your personal offer will be in you mailbox within minutes!
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e-tuk 6
TukTuk Rally
Afternoon859 x booked
Score: 9
Tour through the neighborhood with a TukTuk Convertible!...
€ 47,50 € 57,48 Incl. VAT
€ 32,50Discount
Package discount
The WoooooW Program
Afternoon + Evening All-in836 x booked
Score: 10
Do you want to have the most amazing day? Book the...
€ 120,- € 132,94 Incl. VAT
Escape Room XL meisje
Escape Room XL
Afternoon784 x booked
Score: 9.5
... okay, you found us. Now what? You think you can...
€ 47,50 € 51,78 Incl. VAT
Superheroes + TAIG logo
The Almost Impossible Gameshow
Afternoon728 x booked
Score: 9
The Almost Impossible Gameshow! All-in!
€ 65,- € 73,27 Incl. VAT
Mission Impossible
Afternoon560 x booked
Score: 8.5
Nothing is impossible for your team? Come and prove...
€ 47,50 € 51,78 Incl. VAT
Mission Siberia
Afternoon560 x booked
Score: 9
A winter activity for true daredevils! Make a freefall,...
€ 47,50 € 51,78 Incl. VAT
zomer klein4
The Experience
Afternoon536 x booked
Score: 10
Don't choose: do it all! Cooking, TukTuk, Wipeout,...
€ 47,50 € 51,78 Incl. VAT
Afternoon479 x booked
Score: 9
Battle against the other teams, collect letters by...
€ 47,50 € 51,78 Incl. VAT
The Tube All-in
Afternoon450 x booked
Score: 10
Escape Room, BBQ, All-in Drinks, DJ ├índ Party, all...
€ 80,- € 91,73 Incl. VAT
Settlers of Catan
Afternoon317 x booked
Score: 8.5
Choose from 100 activities, collect materials and...
€ 47,50 € 51,78 Incl. VAT
kook 3
Cooking Workshop
Afternoon263 x booked
Score: 10
Learn the fine details of cooking, and enjoy what you...
€ 65,- € 73,27 Incl. VAT
Superheroes + TAIG logo
The Almost Impossible Gameshow Afternoon
Afternoon250 x booked
Score: 10
The Almost Impossible Game Show! An afternoon full of fun!
€ 47,50 € 51,78 Incl. VAT
The Winter Experience
Afternoon241 x booked
Score: 8
Don't choose: do it all! Cooking, TukTuk, Winter Wipeout...
€ 47,50 € 51,78 Incl. VAT
Beach Event
Afternoon156 x booked
Score: 9
Sun, sea, & fun on the beach! Relax and enjoy the...
€ 47,50 € 51,78 Incl. VAT
TukTuk Winterrally
Afternoon98 x booked
Score: 10
Driving a TukTuk in the winter through a beautiful snowy...
€ 47,50 € 57,48 Incl. VAT
Afternoon91 x booked
Score: 10
A special purpose, a vision, a perfect party! We love to...
Price on request
expeditie en party
€ 12,50Discount
Package discount
Expedition Robinson & The Party (All-in)
Afternoon + Evening All-in60 x booked
Score: 9
The most complete team building event!
€ 100,- € 111,42 Incl. VAT

The best group event?

With over 100 activities on one beautiful location in the middle of the Netherlands, you can't go wring with the Holland Evenementen Groep. The number one in the Netherlands when organising the most special group event. The best events at the best price! 

Ideas group event

There are many possibilities for group events. Select one of our afternoon programs with the most popular indoor & outdoor acticities, or an All-in event in the evening! We also have several combined options that are specially designed for a group event! 

Your group event can start!

One of our personal instructors will guide you through the day and make sure you are comfortable. You can choose your own activities to make the day unforgettable! Assemble the perfect event now, we can't wait to have you here!

WipeOut group event!

A spectacular WipeOut course with Big Red Balls, the Dizzy Disaster and other obstacles. Wipeout is the best idea for an active group event!