The best & warmest indoor events

Once the winter starts, our location is changed to a Winter Wonderland! Be active in the cold, or create a program with our awesome indoor activities in The Tube! Always complete, always WooooW!

We will assemble your personal offer in four steps. Choose a package, select the options and your personal offer will be in you mailbox within minutes!
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The Party
Afternoon839 x booked
Score: 9
All-inclusive! DJ, Food Trucks, BBQ, Booze, Casino...
€ 65,- € 73,27 Incl. VAT
Escape Room XL meisje
Escape Room XL
Afternoon784 x booked
Score: 9.5
... okay, you found us. Now what? You think you can...
€ 47,50 € 51,78 Incl. VAT
Superheroes + TAIG logo
The Almost Impossible Gameshow
Afternoon727 x booked
Score: 9
The Almost Impossible Gameshow! All-in!
€ 65,- € 73,27 Incl. VAT
Casino Royale
Afternoon576 x booked
Score: 7
Action, weapons, underground tunnels, casino and... the...
€ 47,50 € 51,78 Incl. VAT
Afternoon479 x booked
Score: 9
Battle against the other teams, collect letters by...
€ 47,50 € 51,78 Incl. VAT
The Tube All-in
Afternoon450 x booked
Score: 10
Escape Room, BBQ, All-in Drinks, DJ ánd Party, all...
€ 80,- € 91,73 Incl. VAT
bbq 5
All-inclusive BBQ
Afternoon382 x booked
Score: 8
A delicious 'all you can eat' barbecue buffet in the...
€ 37,50 € 41,88 Incl. VAT
Hoofdfoto levend kerspakket
Christmas Box
Afternoon287 x booked
Score: 8
Christmas, games, shopping and fun! Earn your Christmas...
€ 47,50 € 51,78 Incl. VAT
Superheroes + TAIG logo
The Almost Impossible Gameshow Afternoon
Afternoon250 x booked
Score: 10
The Almost Impossible Game Show! An afternoon full of fun!
€ 47,50 € 51,78 Incl. VAT
Pole Dancing & The Party
Afternoon178 x booked
Score: 10
Learn pole dancing in 2 hours, and enjoy The Party!
€ 75,- € 83,62 Incl. VAT
receptie 3
New Years Reception
Afternoon98 x booked
Score: 9
Exciting new years reception with Freefall jump and an...
€ 47,50 € 51,78 Incl. VAT
Afternoon91 x booked
Score: 10
A special purpose, a vision, a perfect party! We love to...
Price on request
mission en winterparty
€ 12,50Discount
Package discount
Mission Siberia & Winterparty (All-in)
Afternoon + Evening All-in58 x booked
Score: 10
The perfect combination for the winter!
€ 100,- € 111,42 Incl. VAT
Er en the party
€ 12,50Discount
Package discount
Escape Room XL & The Party (All-in)
Afternoon + Evening All-in56 x booked
Score: 10
Combination of thrill and fun!
€ 100,- € 111,42 Incl. VAT