The best team event

You already have a special bond with your teammates, but sometimes you just want a change of scenery! We offer you the chance to really get to know your team members. Exciting, active or completely custom; the possibilities are endless! Have fun!

We will assemble your personal offer in four steps. Choose a package, select the options and your personal offer will be in you mailbox within minutes!
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La Cubanita_0032_La Cubanita-266
The Party
All-inclusive! DJ, Food Cabins, BBQ, Booze and Casino! 
€ 65,- More information
€ 32,50Discount
Package discount
The WoooooW Program
Do you want to have the most amazing day? Book the WoooooW program!
VR Escape Game | La Casa de Papel
Escape with this crazy VR game! Based on the hit series: La Casa de Papel.
The one and only Wipeout in the Netherlands with spectacular obstacles!
Walking Dinner
Enjoy the company and a complete dinner consisting of versatile dishes.
Battle against the other teams, collect letters by winning activities and make the best words!
A special purpose, a vision, a perfect party! We love to make you a customized program! (+50p)!
Price on request
expeditie en party
€ 12,50Discount
Package discount
Expedition Robinson & The Party (All-in)
The most complete team building event!
wordfight en rooftop
€ 12,50Discount
Package discount
Choose an afternoon and an evening program, and make your own best combination!

Organising a unique team event?

Holland Evenementen Groep is the place to be for organising an awesome team event. Over 100 indoor and outdoor activities await you at a beautiful location in the center of the Netherlands. Our entire crew is ready to make your day a special one. The best team events for the best price! 

Team event ideas

Select one of the many themes for your team event. Choose action, competition or coziness. It is all possible, but team building and fun will be the main focus points! For small or large teams, this is the biggest collection of programs in the country. Find the most original team event at Holland Evenementen Groep.

Your team event can start!

Our elaborate team of instructors will guide you through the activities, and they will help you make your day an unforgettable experience. Besides all the afternoon programs, you can also come in the evening and enjoy a theme party, barbecue or a cooking workshop! Let al the possibilities surprise you! 

If you want the ultimate team event; choose our success formula! Combine one of our afternoon programs with an amazing all-in partynight. This will give you a €12,50 package discount, which means even more value for money!