Best ideas for teambuilding activities

For teambuilding, you have come to the right place! Our programs are packed with activities where cooperation is key! You will get to see a different side of your teammates! Feel free to contact us for the best (custom-made) teambuilding programs!

We will assemble your personal offer in four steps. Choose a package, select the options and your personal offer will be in you mailbox within minutes!
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The WoooooW Program
Afternoon + Evening All-in836 x booked
Score: 10
Do you want to have the most amazing day? Book the...
€ 120,- € 132,94 Incl. VAT
Escape Room XL meisje
Escape Room XL
Afternoon784 x booked
Score: 9.5
... okay, you found us. Now what? You think you can...
€ 47,50 € 51,78 Incl. VAT
Mission Impossible
Afternoon560 x booked
Score: 8.5
Nothing is impossible for your team? Come and prove...
€ 47,50 € 51,78 Incl. VAT
Mission Siberia
Afternoon560 x booked
Score: 9
A winter activity for true daredevils! Make a freefall,...
€ 47,50 € 51,78 Incl. VAT
zomer klein4
The Experience
Afternoon536 x booked
Score: 10
Don't choose: do it all! Cooking, TukTuk, Wipeout,...
€ 47,50 € 51,78 Incl. VAT
bbq 5
All-inclusive BBQ
Afternoon382 x booked
Score: 8
A delicious 'all you can eat' barbecue buffet in the...
€ 37,50 € 41,88 Incl. VAT
Settlers of Catan
Afternoon317 x booked
Score: 8.5
Choose from 100 activities, collect materials and...
€ 47,50 € 51,78 Incl. VAT
kook 3
Cooking Workshop
Afternoon263 x booked
Score: 10
Learn the fine details of cooking, and enjoy what you...
€ 65,- € 73,27 Incl. VAT
Superheroes + TAIG logo
The Almost Impossible Gameshow Afternoon
Afternoon250 x booked
Score: 10
The Almost Impossible Game Show! An afternoon full of fun!
€ 47,50 € 51,78 Incl. VAT
The Winter Experience
Afternoon241 x booked
Score: 8
Don't choose: do it all! Cooking, TukTuk, Winter Wipeout...
€ 47,50 € 51,78 Incl. VAT
Afternoon91 x booked
Score: 10
A special purpose, a vision, a perfect party! We love to...
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Unique teambuilding activities!

Special teambuilding activities : Expedition Robinson

This is the best teambuilding activity of the Netherlands! Every program has some teambuilding, but this takes teambuilding to a whole new level! Including special voting rounds with strategy & tactics! Exciting, surprising and packed with spectacular games! You will be amazed by the effects of this teambuilding event!  

Teambuilding activities : Settlers of Catan

This event is based on the popular board game Settles of Catan. Our event location with its 100 activities is divided into multiple areas which represent the materials. The goal is to collect as many materials as possible! Interact with the other teams and trade to be able to build villages, streets and citie on the giant game board!

Teambuilding is a key ingredient in a modern business environment. Working on team spirit, mission & vision, involvement and the united group feeling is very important! With 20 years of experience, Holland Evenementen Groep can help you find the best and most original teambuilding event!