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Become a superhero!

Welcome to the Almost Impossible Gameshow! This is the best team trip of all times! An evening filling program based on the #1hitserie from MTV. ever participant gets 40 lives to complete 4 simple levels. However it's still not working out, how can that be?! Well most of the games are super easy but still almost impossible. This makes it super funny to watch but of course it's even better to try it yourself. At least once, twice, or maybe three times until you manage? 

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Endemol Shine UK, Licensed by Endemol Shine The Netherlands BV. 

We are the official licensee of Endemol Shine Group.  Endemol Shine Group is a global production powerhouse creating world class content for all platforms.

This all-in gameshow includes:

  • Unlimited BBQ buffet
  • Usage of superhero costumes!
  • Unlimited beer, wine and softdrinks
  • DJ & dancing until midnight
  • Food Trucks* * Depends on weather conditions and amount of guests
  • entrance to the Beldert Beach
  • Casino & Almost Impossible Games with
word lick2
Word Lick
Try to identify the words that are "written" on the frame ... the best thing is: you're only allowed to use your tounge, since you will be blindfolded and your arms will be fixed behind your back... Good luck!
Well done
Well Done
Picking up a burger and throwing it on a bqq sounds pretty easy. Does it? Well not really if you try it with our gripper which will be attached to your hips! Good luck! 
Turn me on
Turn me on
You will be turned several times on our Turn Me On Wheel. Simultaneously you will have to read some activities out loud which will be placed on a board in front of you. Super easy right? let's see how strong your belly is! 
tiney bikey3
Tiny Bikey
Get on our tiny bikey and let's go. You have to complete the parcour without falling. You fall = you fail! 
thing fling2
Thing Fling
take a seat on our very compfy chair. Your head will be tightened to the chair and your arm will be fixed under a bar. By limiting your arm in its movement, it will be so much harder for you .. for what? Well, you get a small cake in your hand have to through it into your mouth! Good luck! 
teabag trust
Teabag Thrust
You will get a teabag, which will be hangin between your legs and a belt with a teacup on it. Now you simply try to through the teabag with a smooth and funy looking movement into the teacup! easy right? 
Shock Roulette 1
Shock Roulette
You've got one turning table in front of you with 8 handles. ONE of those 8 handles will not shock you. Question is, which one? 
Shin Smash
Shin Smash
Not only your eyes, but also yuor ears will be covered. After 10 second the sweeper will make a round and you have to try to jump over it. All you need is good timing. Blind and deaf: how could that possibly go wrong?
Sausage Breath
Sausage Breath
With an elegant movement of your hips you might be able to throw the sausage into your mouth. Which sausage? Oh just the one that's hanging on a rope between your legs. 
Rump Pump
You simply have to try to blow up the ballon by jumping on a pump with your booty. 
Punch Your Own Face Man7
Punch your own face
The name says it all: just punch your own face. Oh but the real challenge behind it is to hit a cake falling through a pipe. You need to smash that cake with the boxing glove. But of course you won't be able to see when it falls down! Easy!
Musical Chair
Musical Chairs
Shake your booty to the beats of the music. When the music stops ... try to find a chair as soon as possible and sit on it! Luckily you will be blindfodled. Otherwise it woulb be way too easy, right?
Hate Ache
Hat Ache
Jump as often as you can until the ballon on yuor head explodes. Oh yeah, and of course .. you're blindfolded! 
Groin Croissant Dame2
Groin Croissant
Groin Croissant
You've got exactly 10 seconds to shake off all the croissants! The croissants will be glued to your super hero costume, so it's not as easy as you think! 
Drop Drop
Drop drop
Just try to throw sweets in your mounth. Pretty easy right. Oh wait, try it again with huge and extreme long hand! FAIL! 
Dizzy Hurdle Dame2
Dizzy Hurdle
Blindfolded ... again ... and then you've got 10 seconds to jump over some obstacles! Good luck! 
Crotch Cath Man5
Crotch Catch
Throw the ball above the bar and catch it on the other side. The ball should be landing on the little box that's stripped to your hip. Fail or pass?
Chin Chin Smacker 1 filmpje
Chin chin smacker
Can you manage to bite off the pickle which is strapped to a turning wheel? No? Well, try again! 
candle scream
Candle Scream
As soon as your head comes out of the table (yes, out of it) you can pull a little rope to you. A car will be attached to this rope, while a burning candle is on top of the car. Now you have to blow off the candle. But not the easy way, no, you have to scream the candle out! 
cancan girl2
Cancan Girl (or Boy)
You will have to walk a parcour that lies in front of you. Additinally, you will get a tray with glasses on it. You will fail directly if a glass falls of. Doable right? Right, but not if the tray is attached to your upper leg instead of your hand! Good luck! 
Bum Magnet 1
Bum Magnet
You've got one vertical parcour in front of you and need to pull a big magnet through it by attaching it to another magnet. Oh yeah btw, the second magnet will be attached to you booty: enjoy! 
Blind Bender Man5
Blind Blender
Limbo dancin easy? Yeah, it better be! now you've got the chance to try it blindfolded and within 10 second only. Let's go! 


The Almost Impossible Gameshow takes place in our club: The Tube! An industrial, cool and cosy party location with crazy light, effects and huge video wall! Check out the video on the right to see how TAIG works! 

Let the games begin!

Dignity? who cares!
This is what it looks like when you're having fun!
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